Treasure Valley Seventh-day Adventist School

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Student Conduct
Standards of conduct as found in the life of Christ are upheld at TVSDA School. The high moral principles of respect of God and others are expected from all who attend. The character of the student is in part determined by the way in which he/she relates to the standards of our school.

 Each student should realize that when he/she presents themselves for admission to TVSDA School, he/she thereby pledges to observe willingly all its regulations and to uphold the Christian principles upon which the school is founded. Breaking this pledge may mean forfeiture of the right and privilege to attend.

A student will be disciplined and my even be suspended or expelled for engaging in the following practices.
 - Using profane language, whether written, verbal or in gestures.
 - Verbal or physical sexual harassment.
 - Possessing or displaying obscene literature, indulging in lewd conduct or suggestion.
 - Using or possessing alcoholic beverages, tobacco, narcotics, or harmful drugs in any form.
 - Stealing or dishonesty, including willful deception or cheating in classwork.
 - Leaving the school grounds during school hours without permission.
 - Illegally entering any part of the school complex.
 - Possessing firearms, fireworks, of any kind, or other dangerous weapons.
 - Participating on or encouraging any act of physical or verbal assault that injures, degrades, disgraces, or shows disrespect to a fellow student, teacher, or visitor.
 - Criticizing or undermining the religious ideals of the school.
 - Consistently disregarding the dress code.
 - Discharging fire extinguishers or falsely setting off the fire alarm:
 anyone doing either will be fined $25 in addition to standard punishments and any incurred expenses.
 - Willfully damaging or vandalizing school property: Students involved in such activity will be held financially responsible for the full cost of the damage.

 Radios, electronic games, or CD/tape players are not to be brought to school. Any radios, electronic games, or CD/tape players found will be taken from the student and kept by the teacher until the end of the current school year.