Treasure Valley Seventh-day Adventist School

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Dress Code
Correct principles in dress should be regarded as carefully as other principles of Christian living. Simplicity, modesty, proper fit, healthfulness, neatness, and appropriateness for the occasion are principles to follow in preparing the wardrobe.

Pants will be a solid color, neat, modest, and without tears.

Shorts will be a solid color, knee length, and loose fitting. (Pants and shorts do not include bib overalls, sweat pants, or other athletic type wear.)  Girls may wear solid color knee length skirts instead of pants.

The school shirt is a solid color short or long-sleeved polo style with no logo or pictures. School shirts will be loose-fitting, modest, and long enough to cover the upper part of the body at all times.

Sweat shirts will be a solid color with no logo or pictures (no hoods or pockets). Worn over a polo.

Shoes designed for protection and support are required at all times. They should be clean and in good repair, and worn with socks or stockings. Metal cleats or other shoes detrimental to floors are not to be worn.

Hairstyles must be worn in a neat, clean manner. Extreme styles should be avoided. Color should be natural looking. Girl's hair must be cut or maintained so that it is kept out of the eyes and off the face. Boys hair must not touch the collar or extend below the eyebrows.

Jewelry: Excluding medical identification (such as bracelets, friendship bracelets, ankle bracelets, friendship bands, rings, necklaces, earrings, piercing studs, or chains) is not to be worn.

Cosmetics: If cosmetics are worn they should appear natural and not be obvious.